Dark days for Dubya. I could care less whether hi…

Dark days for Dubya.

I could care less whether his lame judicial nominees are confirmed or not. Since I live in a country where judge selection is far less politicised, the impact is frankly minimal.

What troubles me most in this post is the observation that:

“They had hoped for someone with a clear anti-abortion record in the hope that the Supreme Court will move to the Right and eventually overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade case setting out the legal right for abortion. “

For me, this is my entire problem with the pro-life campaigners. If you think abortion is wrong, don’t have one. Better yet, don’t put yourself in the position to have one. Bring your children up with those beliefs if you see fit, but allow that they may grow up to think for themselves. If you find the process so horrific, support the government in providing realistic alternatives (and here’s a wacky one: improve access to informed sex education and contraception for teenagers).

If your anti-abortion stance is religious, then I have a newsflash for you: there’s such a thing as separation of church and state (don’t worry, we’ll explain it to the President too, even if we have to resort to small words and visual aids). It is not only unethical, but entirely unconstitutional for Roe vs Wade to be overturned on religious grounds. You are NOT the only group in your country, many people have opposing views to you, and they absolutely must not be forced to live under laws imposed by your religious beliefs. The key thing is that the choice to have an abortion, much like the choice of which religion you follow, is entirely personal.

Personal, i.e. pertaining to the person making the decision. There are some medical procedures that other people find repulsive, particularly in the field of cosmetic surgery, but even though those people are hurting themselves, I don’t see placards and harrassment going on outside the clinics. It would be hard to find a woman who actively wants an abortion, it’s hardly an aspirational situation. But the close-mindedness of trying to make what is safe and legal back into a backstreet practice endangering countless lives needlessly is what makes me sick. You don’t care if these ‘immoral’ women die because they’ve been left with no alternative. How pro-life are you then? Don’t tell me the ‘innocent’ babies are more worthy somehow, because your official line is that all life is sacred.

So that’s what got my back up this afternoon, then.


One response to “Dark days for Dubya. I could care less whether hi…

  1. Hi there, when I read your profile as listing one of your interests as talking shite I knew you were worth reading …. and I was right 🙂 Eliza

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