When you walk through a storm

Let’s get it out of the way… get it right up yez, Barca – YOU ARE OUT, suck on that!


Sadly, thanks to the numbnuttery of Performancing blogging facility, the internet has been robbed of the greatest blog entry never written about the slow-burn effect of David Caruso’s “acting”. Still, I made myself laugh at the time.

I have an exam on Monday. This is the point where a sane person might start to feel a manageable anxiety, or perhaps even allow some dread to creep in. But the fact is that I freakin’ LOVE exams. Can’t get enough of the buggers. If I had a real exam every week, that counted for something, I would be top of my class by a mile. It’s what gets the blood flowing, makes me *want* whatever it is I’m going for, and in short increases my completed work pile exponentially.

Sure, I might be a little deranged, but the best I’ll feel all week is at 8:30am on Monday. I suppose the only bummer is that it’s all downhill from there.

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13 responses to “When you walk through a storm

  1. I despise exams. It delights me to know that I will never have an other written exam in my life. I know the viva is going to be horrendous, but at least I won’t have to write anything.

    And now I wonder if you were being sarcastic!

  2. Sadly no, I really mean it. I think pressure makes me feel a bit more alive, and it’s probably no coincidence that I only get depressed when my life is lacking in structure and deadlines. High-maintenance, moi?

  3. I have to say that I work better to deadlines myself. It’s not that I get depressed in their absense, but I just do nowt.

    We’re 13, clearly!

  4. Yup, and I definitely need someone to ground me for not doing my homework. God, I wasn’t even like this at thirteen – then I was Little Miss Driven.

  5. Oh aye. So was I. I think we’ve gone into school-overload, frankly. I mean, how much do we need FFS?

  6. We’re clearly mental. Here I am in the first year of my BA, looking at Masters in like, stopping wars. Sane people would be all “no more! no more!”. I blame Kaite. I caught her academia germs, and now she’s safe in the real world.

  7. See, I do believe that half my motivation for being a never ending student is so that I don’t have to join the real world. It’s magic being this irresponsible!

  8. Exams don’t bother me as such (my next ones are in October) – the worst thing about them is the conversations people want to have afterwards about the questions, and ask you how you answered them. I’ve learnt to get away from the exam room asap, to make sure no one draws me into that trap.

  9. Nicky, I was exactly the same. I always found the post-mortems more brutal than the exam itself. People really drag out the, ‘I wish I’d written this…’ thing when it’s already too late.

  10. I hate the post mortems too – there’s always some poor sod who’s all “what question 10? I didn’t look on the back page, oh shite etc.” Also, I tend to get all the pre-exam nerves at once, immediately after the fact. Lots of wobbly knee moments leaving exam halls for me.

  11. Post-mortems on exams are about the most pointless, and yet potentially demoralising things you can do. When I was at “brick” uni I used to tell my mates off if they tried to do such a thing when I was present 😆

  12. It would be so nice if you gave the composer and the lyricist credit, too.

  13. Hi Anita, I have no idea what your comment is in reference to – is it my blog title? Because I haven’t referenced the composer or lyricist for any of them, as it would make things a little unwieldy. Also, this post started off talking about Liverpool FC, and the song has a very specific resonance there, no explanation generally needed.

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