Get off teh internets and do some WORK

You know how, two days ago, I was slightly chipper at the prospect of a formal examination? Well…

Oh GAWD, I didn’t realise how much work revision involves when you can no longer rely on a peak condition memory. I’ve spent this year trying to get my brain into shape (with body to follow) but holy crap, there’s a lot of Arabic. I am also now irrationally annoyed with the author of my textbook, who throws in arbitrary comments about how something just *is* and then gets around to explaining it five chapters later. Don’t get me wrong, the mind-boggling complexity of trying to structure all this into something one can teach is amazing, but sometimes it just trips my brain up and I’m sitting there with the mental equivalent of skint knees.

It’s frustrating that this is all my life will be about for at least the next three weeks, but even the end of term promises no let up, since that’s when the life-or-death end of year exam revision begins. So yanno, time to actually read something for politics other than my two essay topics. I used to hate those people who whine about their courses, and I still hate the really pointless whining, but when I look at how some people skim through to graduation in ‘easier’ subjects, I feel both cheated and proud of myself at the same time. This isn’t easy, and while Joe Bloggs might not understand the awesomeness of both the degree and the institution, it should certainly open some fantastically exciting doors, and isn’t that what it’s all about? There are very few things I would devote the time to studying out of sheer love, but languages come close, and Arabic is like a really mardy cow that just refuses to get out of my face. Well, bring it on.

I’m home alone until Saturday, with a brief sojourn to class in the morning. I just need to try not to slip into a Diet Coke-induced coma and remember to feed the cats to prevent them turning on me. Should be possible for such a hard-working scholar, non?


7 responses to “Get off teh internets and do some WORK

  1. I have this horrible mental image of Kaite coming home to find you lying on the floor, and Arabic textbook in one outstretched hand and a bottle of Diet Coke in the other, while the cats nibble at you.

  2. I should say something reassuring, but we all know it’s
    totally possible

  3. HA! That’s actually a rather adorable image, I think! 😉

  4. Well, so long as they’re just nibbling me out of boredom, and haven’t turned feral, then it is kind of cute.

  5. I’ve just realised the title of this entry reminds me of that kids tv programme “Why don’t you (switch off your tv and do something less boring yet)”.

    Am I showing my age?

  6. I remember it too! “Why don’t you..”

  7. It was on Saturday mornings wasn’t it? I just remember a bunch of kids doing random things 😆

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