“every streetlight reveals the picture in reverse”

As is so frequently the case, the more I bitch and moan about something, and drag my heels all the way there, it actually turns out to be a positive experience. Though not universally, since of the two agency torture sessions registrations, I had a decidedly mixed response.

The first did that really annoying thing where the job you applied for is gone (which I know, happens with temp roles) but then try to fob you off with some Junior Office Assistant for seven of your English pounds an hour. Sod that.

But the second? Oh, it was like an oasis of jobseeking positivity. From the hot pink carpets to the rugby banter with my consultant, I knew right away that it was going to work out well. I was praised, fawned over and generally promised the earth. But I like that in people who are essentially going out there to sell me to the highest bidder – a bit of arrogance goes a long way in my book. I’ve already been put forward for something which I’ll hear about later today, but they’ve guaranteed me that I’ll have something to start no later than Monday. Oh, to rejoin the ranks of the gainfully (?) employed. Really I’m all about the much-needed weekly paypacket, but it would also be nice to be noticed and appreciated again rather than just being one in a particularly large crowd.

I fell in love with London again last night – walking from Chancery Lane to Russell Square, then on to Soho through the sleet; neither the weather not the overloaded bag of books threatening to snap my collarbone could deter me. I realised last night that although there are other places I fancy (namely New York and/or D.C.) London is like a long-term mistress that I’m not sure I could give up for any length of time. Sometimes it’s complicated, and this isn’t where I was necessarily supposed to end up, but those private little moments between my city and me are irreplaceable. Except for when stupid kids are jostling me on the tube, but my ‘accidental’ whacking of shins with the bookbag seemed to earn me some personal space.

I think I might just be ready to get back into the world!


13 responses to ““every streetlight reveals the picture in reverse”

  1. What a wonderful entry to read!

    I’m delighted that you’re feeling more positive about your job search (you need the second kind of people) and that you’re feeling more part of the world again. Long may it last, girly! x

  2. London was SO the other woman for Kaite&Lola Version 1.0

    Not sure what that makes her now, though

  3. Um, the other woman in a threesome?

  4. Yes, G it is sort of a nice to hear me doing something other than complaining (fun though that is!) Even more fun since I have a job now!

  5. The second place sounds great. Yes, sure, they must see a lot of people, but it’s in *their* interests, too, to get a good understanding of you as an individual and of your skills. I hope that this job comes through for you – it’s really good to hear you feeling positive.

  6. They are great – I have a really good job starting tomorrow – they rang me not long after I blogged. I’m expecting to be totally wiped out by a return to the 9-5 though, but well worth it!

  7. There appears to be a spring in your step my lovely. D.C. has lost the glitz I once thought there was.

  8. I grew up about an hour from London [by train] and used to go on day trips with my mates when I was in my teens. We never made it to Soho though, and now I don’t think I ever will 😐

  9. Oooh, that’s brilliant news about the job. You’re right, it’ll be tiring – not least with just absorbing all the information that’ll probably be thrown at you. Good luck! I hope it goes well – let us know….

  10. Kimberley, I think it could work for me as a living place at some point in the future, but really only if I’m at a certain stage in my career… Still, pastures new will do you good, non?

  11. Nicky, it’s not that you’re missing so much in Soho itself – it’s just the convenience of lots of cool little places all crammed into one area!

    Glitterboy1 I’ll keep you posted – I expect I’ll mostly be complaining about sore feet after months without wearing heels!

  12. Ah, yes, pastures new and all that but there’s still this niggling that I made the wrong choice, you know?

  13. I don’t think you did, Kymee. You just ‘know’ these things right – you know yourself well enough to be sure you’re right in what you decide.

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