In the viper’s nest

Oh thank God, it’s not my place. Because unfortunately, there’s every chance it could be. I’m loath to discuss the particular institution I (sometimes) attend since I have exams to sit, and don’t want to be ‘rewarded’ with a batch of fails. Nonetheless, it seems like the sort of thing we would do. For all that my particular seat of learning prides itself on super-lefty credentials, in many ways it’s as oppressive as I imagine Oxbridge to be. There’s no presence for anything to the left of the SWP (though the newly formed conservative Party is hopefully going to change that). George Galloway is something of a ‘celebrity’ and much to my chagrin our (compulsory membership) union is affiliated to his poxy Respect Party. I’m all for combating Islamophobia and the rest, but there’s such a thing as going too far. Anyway, on this occasion we’re not taking a dictator’s blood money, but if there was some pro-Africa cause attached to it, we probably would be.

So where am I on Bona Mugabe being allowed to travel here and study here? I’m not as sure as I expected to be. The knee-jerk reaction is ban the man and his supporters (by default, his family) and if he wants to enjoy the benefits of a country with human rights for his offspring, then he can bloody well start recognising the concept in Zimbabwe.

That said, why should the sins of the fathers be visited upon their children? A man for whom bloodshed is a viable political process isn’t exactly the ideal paternal force to rebel against. Distance yourself, perhaps? But that’s easy to say for someone who could easily escape her parents, and did. And despite my rantings about ninety bajillion media studies graduates who can’t even get McJobs, I do absolutely believe in a right to education. Plus, if someone paid the 12 grand for me to do my Masters at MSc, I probably wouldn’t think so hard about where the money came from, but that’s because my ethics really are questionable.

 Hmm, apparently it’s been retracted because whoever said it was true in Parliament got it wrong.  Ah well.


3 responses to “In the viper’s nest

  1. Odd that while Mugabe senior always seems to be lambasting the UK as an interfering racist country trying to resurrect its lost Empire he seems to be more than happy to let his family come here for education or shopping.

    You might almost think he was a hypocrite (as well as a murderous egotistical tyrant) mightn’t you!

  2. Oxbridge is suffocating sometimes. I really don’t know whether I’m coming or going half the time, so I just ignore it. I’m sure that someone somewhere would send me a number of form letters about something if I was out of line. That’s normally how it works.

  3. Yeah, at ours it’s just snarky posters EVERYWHERE, even in classrooms. I get that it’s all so terribly important yadda yadda, but it would nice to get a break from it sometimes!

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