“tonight you owe my patience quite a debt”

Baby-making world leaders, oh my!

Leaving aside for a moment how thoroughly annoying I find it that there has to be a “Woman” section or magazine, this actually made me stop and think before my pilgrimage to the holy shrine of pill-dispensing.

It is possible to do both, although it doesn’t sound particularly easy. It probably helps if people stop dissolving your government at the drop of the hat, but maybe I’m just being picky.

What does stick in my craw a little is the cloying romanticism of giving birth. All this “it’s the happiest day of my life” malarkey. I’m sure you do feel proud of yourself after all the worry and pain, but anyone who can look back on agony and possible tearing with fondness needs their bloody head read.

It’s just not that difficult. Getting knocked up, cooking it for nine months and popping it out may not always be the most pleasant of circumstances, but really what have you achieved by the end? It’s just another person. You made something through biology and primal instinct, not skill or creativity. How can people take credit for something that is essentially the more complicated version of amoebas self-replicating? Just get over yourselves breeders, it’s not really that big a deal.

I know that I potentially want children; whether from preprogrammed urges, keeping my mother happy or just because I could, I’m not sure. One thing I do know, for damn sure, is that I won’t be giving up everything else in order to pursue it. If I can’t find a manageable solution, it won’t happen for me, and I won’t be any less of a woman for it. But if I do, it won’t stop me from running a company, or advising a government or flipping a burger – whatever my eventual career is. More of Benazir Bhutto’s approach, and less of the retiring at conception mentality please. While I respect the right to choose, it would help if there were to be a balance between the two.


4 responses to ““tonight you owe my patience quite a debt”

  1. I don’t know. I sort of buy into that whole ‘most wonderful thing I’ve ever done’ idea. It’s a whole other life that you’ve created with someone you [hopefully] love. Of course, the time has to be right, etc., so that it’s not the worst thing you’ve ever done, but I think the potential is there.

  2. I’m sure that should the time ever come, I will be one of those insufferable types who never shuts up about how much her life has changed. Plus, my experiences thus far have been negative as per your last sentence there, so maybe come the proper time with the right reasons it’ll be a wonderful thing.

  3. I know a few people like that – who never shut up about how tired they are and how they do nothing else but look after their children etc. I frickin’ hate them!

    I’ve always vowed never to be like that, but who knows.

  4. I’m full of talk though me, I’m so certain I’ll be this way or that, but who knows until it’s all real?

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