“Women who long, love, lust; women who give”

Monica and Rachel make out!  Should be sex-ay, no?

I have never been more disappointed in my life! Not that I’m some awful voyeur who gets their kicks from fake lezzbianism on television, but with her show tanking, you’d think Courteney Cox could have put some oomph into it. Jennifer Aniston is still HAWT though.

Jeez, but I’m shallow.

Anyway, if that’s your season finale and you can’t capitalise on the best tabloid-y storyline possible, then your show probably deserves to be cancelled.  Trust me, one and all, I’ve watched a few episodes out of blind loyalty to Friends and it’s unspeakably bad.  For a while I thought it might be compulsive viewing bad, but it really isn’t.

For all that Courteney Cox-Arquette is a legitimate Hollywood whatever, the scripts have the clunky feel of being written by people in Ohio or something, people who haven’t even been on a Hollywood studio tour.  The drug-taking storylines have the depth and realism of those play-acting exercises we used to do in PSD (Personal and Social Development) about not giving into peer pressure.   Plus, there are a number of unattractive people, and in the televisual equivalent of Heat magazine, I want some eye candy, dammit.

Suffice to say I won’t be tuning in for further episodes narrated by the shizophrenic photographer with the dead girlfriend living in his apartment, nor will I ever again have to suffer Courteney’s character stumble through an exchange in which she’s just a bitchy girl with daddy issues.  Or another completely passionate kiss.  Still, it’s better than watching unenthusiastic sex scenes with the little David Arquette lookalike who’s in it.


16 responses to ““Women who long, love, lust; women who give”

  1. I was largely ‘meh’ about it myself, I have to say. I only watched the kiss part though and not the actual show.

  2. Probably a wise move on your part, there’s nothing much to miss. The kiss is probably representative of the levels of meh in the whole enterprise.

  3. I don’t comment because I hate you.

  4. I put a quote from the L Word theme as my heading. The things I do for you and NOTHING in return. Honestly!

  5. I have to say I love the L Word, but it really is a load of old tat, huh! This series (four, I think) has really dragged. I was glad to see the back of it.

  6. I loathe it, but watch it out of ‘oh no they didn’t’ compulsion. Even the flatmate, who loves the damn show unconditionally, thinks s4 has gone too glam and surreal. It’s supposed to be representative of the lezzbian life. I will probably watch the Marlee Matlin episodes at some point, but after that I’m done!

  7. It wasn’t even surreal, it was just stupid and the couplings were ridiculous. It’s got another season, though.

  8. If they renew that tripe and not Friday Night Lights, there’s no justice!

  9. What, pray to God, is Friday Night Lights?

  10. I don’t know if God watches it, but it’s about high school (American) football players in a teeny town in Texas. It’s just so good. I didn’t even like the damn sport until I started watching it. I defy anyone not to get caught up in their Texan charm though. Plus, eye candy.

  11. I’m happy to believe you Lolly, but I’m not buying it! 😉

  12. Well, you’ll be missing out on Kyle Chandler acting with his hair. Never has a hairdo been more emotive. Ach, I know it’s not for everyone!

  13. You’re a scream! That wee Kyle Chandler is lovely though!

  14. I’d totally go straight for him! Well, maybe just the once.

  15. Er…is this that stupid Dirt show?

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