“I expected summer to be there in the morning”

A list of petty annoyances, to save me simmering on them.

  • The patronising demeanour of all estate agents, ever.  I’m not a moron, I worked in construction, and I know what to look for in a potential flat.  I do so wish they would quit bullshitting me.
  • Being a gay heterosexual, apparently.
  • Pretending to be annoyed by the previous item, when I’m really all “aw, my girlfriend is writing about me.”
  • The RichieRich jerks who use our pebble driveway to take their multiple cars and motorbikes out.  Apart from the noise, the rattling of the pebbles scares all three cats, and I hate to see my babies scared.
  • The whole prospect of moving: financial outlay, checklist making, throwing stuff out and packing what I can’t part with.
  • Waiting.  I want to just move NOW and no hang around for weeks.
  • Being really hungry, despite a bowl of Weetabix, and having nothing else in except for more sodding pasta.
  • Having to wear make-up because my skin is all blech and not fit for the outside world without serious covering up.
  • The next few weeks of serious Arabic revision.  It makes my head hurt, dammit.

dsc002591.jpg So here’s a cute picture of our cat, Orlando.  It cheers me up all the time.  I think G is right, I can’t go too long without mentioning at least one of them!


One response to ““I expected summer to be there in the morning”

  1. I was about to say, ‘there’s the cats again’, but I see you’ve preempted me to that! 😉

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