“it’s too much to ask for and I am not the doctor”

I generally refuse to get drawn into the silliness of Doctor Who, preferring to download it a couple of days after the initial hullabaloo has died down, and thus being able to watch it in peace. The only reason I watch it at all is because my girlfriend likes it so very much, and since I was in the mood to spend some time gawping at her in a lovestruck fashion, I watched tonight’s episode with her. (Not that she noticed, what with being all caught up in the “acting” or whatever.)

First things first, David Tennant? I don’t care how much you’re from Paisley, a constant set of STAREY EYES does not constitute a sensitive dramatic performance. I know we mustn’t scare the chidlers, but honestly? Try another facial expression. I much preferred ol’ Eccles Cakes, as a matter of record, but I think Tennent’s Lager can do the angst of being ALONE rather well when he tries – like the one in the school, that actually quite struck me (“I used to have so much mercy” etc – I could appreciate that).

I have no strong feelings about the sidekick, since I thought Billie Piper was sort of alright at best. I think she’s a little too bland, but thank God they’re finally steering her away from having a crush on teh Doctor, because I get enough of that from Livejournal, thankyouverymuch.

I love cats as much as the next feline-crazy lesbian, but giant talking ones creep. me. the. fuck. out. Enough already.

Which brings me to the biggest bone of contention: stop rehashing the same freakin’ plots all the time. Oh the Doctor doesn’t need anyone? Except he totally does? Right you are. We’re back on New x15 York are we? Fandabydoozy (with no Zoe Wanamaker, for shame). You can’t bring characters back from the dead I suppose? Well what about the freaking Daleks then? I am sick to the very back teeth of seeing them, and I haven’t even seen half the episodes. The one with the “last” Dalek was actually sort of poignant because of this Time War that I have to ask Kaite about every time it’s mentioned. Then they brought them back which was a sell-out of the previous vaguely good material. The whole Galaxy, and the Doctor doesn’t have any more sworn enemies? Puh-lease. Then they brought them back again for the Chrissie from ‘Enders episodes that I didn’t watch. The Dalek quota is overfilled. Stop it! But oh no, they’ll be back next week.

Sure, it’s all iconic and stuff. God knows they probably need the merchandising funds, but the mystique of the Daleks was over when we discovered they could get up stairs after all. The end.


17 responses to ““it’s too much to ask for and I am not the doctor”

  1. They’re milking the Dalek merchandise when they don’t have to. Why can’t they just give me more Elisabeth Sladen?

  2. Kaite, is it true that they’ve only got the license to use the Daleks for a certain length of time because tey’re not actually owned by the same people who “own” Doctor Who? I think Stringer was trying to explain this one to me…

    I actually really liked this week’s, and not just for the kittens (squee!) – it was good fun. Even if the Face of Boe bit at the end was so obvious we were saying the lines along with him.

  3. This person really didn’t like it though.

  4. I did forget about the magical presence of cute widdle kittens. That was pretty good compensation.

    What amazes me is the level of vitriol people dedicate to this show. I mean, nitpicking sure, but there are life-threatening insults over there!

  5. Lism, that is largely true yes. I shall ask him wot knows all about these things and give you a more definitive and detailed answer.

    And, Lola, you’re rubbish and that’s all I have to say about that! 😉

  6. Terry Nation owns the Daleks, the same way someone else owns the rights to K9. I assume the Beeb’s license to use them will run out at some point.

    And I’m sure the ‘Behind the Sofa’ people used to have a sense of humour. They used to be funny and create amusing podcasts taking the piss out of Elisabeth Sladen’s wandering accent (or ‘speech impediment’ as they so cruelly call it).

  7. Ha! Sladen is even worse than me for traversing entire counties in one sentence.

    And :p to you, G

  8. And I see what you mean about that site you’ve linked, Lism. ‘Fuck off and die you retarded sack of shit of shit’ is never called for, surely. Particularly not about something like this.

    I like my Doctor as much as the next person (apart from that Lola!), but that’s going a little too far. Marcus and I went to this site he reads after last week’s episode and there was a tremendous amount of stupidity there, too. People really do take it all too seriously.

  9. Aye, and 😛 to you too! I’ll be here all day, I can tell! 😉

  10. She is disguising her inner Scouser (and making a much worse job of it than Tom Baker did). I reckon she should have kept her accent, RP or no RP. She does get adorable Cockney towards the end of her time in the Tardis, though.

  11. I didn’t know I disliked him until this episode! It’s just when I compare his ‘sad’ acting to the other guy, he comes off a poor second. So sorry to have dissed your TV boyfriend. Feel free to have a crack at Addison to get me back if you like 😉

  12. I will! As soon as I think of something to say about her! 😉

  13. Are boys allowed in here? I wanted to pitch in with my Sladen-love. Blonde Romana’s a close second in the crush department and Peri is probably why I like boobs as much as I do.

    With the introductions over :), I heard this was the last year they can use the Daleks. An upcoming episode is called Evolution of The Daleks so expect them to evolve into something the BBC doesn’t have to pay to use.

    Tennant’s gorgeous BTW.

  14. Good lad, Marcus!

    (I didn’t even tell him to say that, ye know!)

  15. I actually quite like Behind The Sofa. I think they have a panel of reviewers, all of whom post something about each of the episodes. You get opinions from right across the spectrum and some of the posters loved “Gridlock”.

    Lols, I threw A CUSHION at the X-Files last night and it wasn’t for the first time. I know what it’s like to love a TV show passionately, and to feel disappointed when the characters I love aren’t treated with the respect they deserve (or at least in the way I would treat them!!) Sadly Who is probably never going to be that show for me – I think because I know attempting to compete with K’s levels of fandom will ruin me – but I’ll willingly dissect and trash with the next fangirl.

    My views on Tennant vs Eccleston are an open book as far as everybody is concerned. You know, I found myself developing that little crush everybody seems to have on him at the start of this season – but on Saturday night he was the double of my ex again. EW.

  16. Hello Marcus, boys are most definitely allowed! Even ones who encourage Kaite in her Sladen and Ward crushes, though I reserve the right to stamp my foot a little.

    I guess I’m just over the Dalek thing (never having been into it much in the first place) but I suppose it makes sense if they can never use them again after this year.

  17. Also, Lism, cushion throwing during the finale is practically compulsory. Maybe objectively it’s good TV? But for the fans it was just. not. right. Ha, poor David Tennant – from gorgeous to gormless looking in one comment thread!

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