“same old day job, why can’t I leave it?”

First days in a new job are generally tedious and I’ve always enjoyed them about as much as root canal. Mercifully, today was a most pleasant exception. After the typical corporatespeak presentation (and I scare myself with how easily I assimilate all the HR claptrap), we set off to the building that will be my workplace sort of indefinitely. Talk about swank? Let’s just say that the people leasing a few floors to my new organisation are somewhat security conscious, and having a pass feels a bit like being given a key to the chocolate factory. Casual clothes are encouraged, email usage and personal calls are permitted, and there are plasma TVs and chill out rooms all over the place. Shifts will fit my life perfectly, and there’s a taxi home after working a late shift. The benefits are even sweeter than we had been promised, and if an office can be said to have a vibe, this one certainly works for me. PLUS, we’re on the twenty-third floor and the panoramic views of London would take your breath away.

I am dropping dead of exhaustion and thus my bed beckons. I owe emails left, right and centre and they will be responded to in due course. But with the impending visit of my bezzer, it may have to wait a while.


6 responses to ““same old day job, why can’t I leave it?”


    Don’t be tried. Although, um, I will be.

  2. I’m kinda jealous 😉 And will be hassling you for descriptions of your workplace, natch. This is more than I got out of you last night! Although we were both dead on our feet…

  3. Hello?! More information please?

  4. More info will be forthcoming in a less private medium, very shortly!

    I saw my bezzer! And then I died, sorry!

  5. Yeah go girl, wish my place was that swank and not just a typical council building ;o( Sxx

  6. Methinks Stevie linked the wrong website.

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