“We ain’t never gonna be respectable”

I’ve discovered the key ingredient that ensures my emergence from the folds of my duvet in the morning – RESPECT! Not something I usually care too much about giving or receiving (though I think much of our society could do with a re-education as to its meaning) but it makes all the flippin’ difference in the world to this lowly worker bee!

I love that I can do my work and then check my email with impunity. There is no hovering and scolding, simply the respect given to me as an adult that I will not chimp on the web when I ought to be working. Should I have done my work, I am a free agent, within the confines of my working area of course.

Shift working makes me curl up my toes with joy. To this erratic insomniac, being a stranger to the 9 to 5 might just allow me to feel rested every now and then. Most people would look dismayed on receiving a week of 3-11pm shifts, but not this willing slave to the anti-social working hours doctrine.

People are, unfortunately, very stupid and mean-spirited. What sort of craven soul rings to complain that some blind guy had the cheek to bring “a bloody great Labrador” on the bus, and didn’t even pay for the privilege. I can almost understand the frustration during the morning rush, and even then only out of a concern for the dog and the visually impaired customer, because there are no less careful people than single-minded commuters. No, this sterling example of humanity didn’t like the dog being on the same bus in the deserted lower deck around mid-morning. Had I been responsible for the call, I might have had some choice words for him, but instead I had to listen and seethe.

Today I got to play on the DLR! I cannot suppress my childish glee any time I so much as think about making a journey on it. It doesn’t have a driver and is controlled entirely by magic (I get to see the control room for it tomorrow!) I saw City Airport for the first time, thus completing my acquaintance with every London airport, though I won’t be flying from it any time soon unless the fares take a significant nosedive.

My toes may be blistered, and my head is typically aching, but for once I’m doing something easy without thinking it’s beneath me. Perhaps I’m growing up after all!


One response to ““We ain’t never gonna be respectable”

  1. This job is excellent! Hell, I might even have you sacked and try to get it myself. It all sounds right up my street, just as it is up yours. (That sounds so rude but I haven’t woken up enough to think of another way to phrase it!)

    And now that you can check your email with impunity, I shall be expected our normal daily x 100 contact to resume. Although I am rather busy myself these days.

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