“you wanted me to write you letters, but I’d rather lose your address”

We interrupt this marathon bout of last-minute Politics cramming to post mindless fluff on the internet.

What a strange week it has been – the life of a de facto single girl with none of the excitement. Chelsea got dropped out of Europe and from winning the Premiership, which makes me (almost) ecstatic. Work has encouraged my football love out into the open, instead of its usual muttered tones as I argue with myself in front of the TV. Speaking of work, there are people with actual personalities! Thoroughly necessary, because any job involving communication with the unwashed masses is likely to push even sanity much less tenuous than my own.

I may be making some serious changes in the coming weeks, beyond even the nightmare of moving house and buying furniture on eBay, yadda yadda. I have so much I need to talk about, not least the shame of nominally being from a country that elects the SNP as the (very slim) majority party. Just because they hate the English instead of actual foreigners, doesn’t make them any less xenophobic. Or stupid. Or remarkably unqualified to lead. Just as well Westminster didn’t trust us with a real parliament, eh? I blame proportional representation. With the traditional first-past-the-post system, it squeezes out all those grey areas, and sparse populations (yes, youse above the Central Belt) are largely unable to affect the political landscape. Who gave power to the teuchters, I ask you? These are people who spend a little too much time talking to sheep, if you see my point. Meh.

Still, I live in a real city in a proper country, the one that still actually runs the show. So bite me, Holyrood.


3 responses to ““you wanted me to write you letters, but I’d rather lose your address”

  1. Thank you for the “almost” 🙂 xx

  2. Well, it could hardly be a “get it right up yies” under the circumstances 😉

  3. changes? what changes?!

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