“give him the moment in the sun he needs right now, Charlie”

Dear assorted family members of the poor guy who got shot: I think the moment has passed.  Mistakes were made, in more than extraordinary circumstances.  You may not like the decision, but let’s just take a moment to appreciate that we live in a society here where one can question the police openly.  Where shooting of people in the streets always warrants an investigation, and where this kind of incident is so thankfully rare that it can dominate the news cycles for as long as it has.

But seriously, I think now is the time to let it drop.  Independent commissions and various powers-that-be have looked at the case and said that there is no case to answer.  Do you think those police officers will ever forget what happened, that they’ll ever pull a trigger again without thinking at least twice?  Plus, all the leftie slogan-brains who jump on this as an example of the “fascist police state” we have in Britain, probably the same people who say “B-liar” without any sense of shame, can you please go back to patronising the poor or whatever it is you do when you should be working?  Ta.


4 responses to ““give him the moment in the sun he needs right now, Charlie”

  1. Fullstop was intended rather than a comma. Apols.

  2. It’s not like me, is it? 😉

  3. It’s really not! 😉

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