“we’ll set our watches forward like we’re just arriving here”

Things that I could not care less about include:

  • Life on Mars
  • The new Pirates film, or in fact, any Pirates film
  • See above re: Spiderman 3.
  • Gordon Brown
  • And the rest of the Labour Party
  • Chelsea and their ‘victory’ in the ‘final’ on Saturday.
  • The Midlands, Yorkshire, and pretty much everywhere that isn’t London or Scotland.
  • The Chelsea Flower Show
  • Cricket. Oh the eye-rolling monotony of it.  It’s a ‘sport’ where half the spectators are nodding off after lunch.  This is not entertainment, people.

6 responses to ““we’ll set our watches forward like we’re just arriving here”

  1. Because I’m secretly trying to wipe out Oxford? I’ll save a nice wee bit of it for you to play in, obv.

  2. Yes, that and not caring about Life on Mars (if you weren’t so gay, you’d fancy John Simm) and for not caring about Pirates (neither do I but I needed it for effect).

    And since when did you care about Man U. Or are you their biggest fan and I just glossed over that?

  3. I don’t care about ManU – being a Liverpool supporter and all. I just thought it was an awful match, and it’s mince that Chelsea are swanning around like it means anything. Winning by being dull is a bit rubbish.

    Pah, you can keep your John Simm

  4. Oh, I’ll be keeping him alright. And that go DOUBLY for when he shows up in Dr Who later this series. Oh, I think of the fantasies now!

  5. Now I know Youre Amazing, Great Visions

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