“guess he won’t be down on Wall Street anymore”

I’m reading Bonfire of the Vanities and it’s provided definitive proof, as if proof were needed, that I was simply born too late.  The fact of my being born in the wrong country and possibly continent have been well-documented before now, so we won’t dwell on my unsatisfied longing for New York.

But man, the eighties.  Being born in the middle of the decade is just poor timing as far as I’m concerned, and one I must remember to berate my parents for.   How could someone like me in my super-capitalist, poor fashion sense and usually selfish ways have wasted the eighties learning to walk and talk, such mundane things?

Greed is good.  Well, maybe it’s not, but I would have had a fabulous time in the booming markets with my beloved Mrs T running the show.  Although, there was no internet and the striking coal miners would really have irritated me, so perhaps it’s for the best.


10 responses to ““guess he won’t be down on Wall Street anymore”

  1. it’s not so much NY for me but I sooo know what you’re talking about. but you have to see the positive of it all. at least you’re not stuck in a catholic country with no will to evolve in things cultural or societal…

  2. That’s true Finn, I had enough trouble with the vocal Catholic organisations in Scotland, I can’t imagine living in a country run that way. Thanks for your comment though, nice to know I’m not the only one!

  3. Perchance my being born in the seventies is what gives me my liberal and commie sensibilities?

  4. Or maybe it’s just ’cause you’re so oooooooold. Hehe. No, that’s supposed to make you more of a fascist. I blame the seventies. Bloody hippies.

  5. Well aren’t you a right wee bitch!

    Home from work then?

  6. Yup, internet at work is more or less back to normal, and I’m on early shifts for the forseeable – lots of 6.30 and 7am starts for me. Erk!

  7. Erk! Well, I get in at 8.00 myself so I can provide email company for the most part.

  8. love the book.

    as for the eighties…well…the bits i liked were ace. It was a time of he man, and robots in disguise, and recycled space hoppers, and wolverhampton wanderers making history (okay, for the wrong reasons, but still).

    Also, probably about 70 % of my favouritest music on the world came out of that decade.


    There was also a lot of crap, but i wont get all political on ye 😉

  9. I really like the style of the book, my sympathies were seriously pulled around!

  10. its both epic AND simple. I really didnt want to like it, because there was something about his writing that rubbed me the wrong way from the start…but then…this bizarre ‘crap, im loving this book’, thing happend.

    I might re-read it soon, after im done with my fun book about transexual cops in bankok

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