“when I hit a rut, she says to try the other parent”

Proof of what I’ve been saying since we were fighting over Lego: I am smarter than my brother.  Most oldest sibling people I know would probably fit the same pattern, and with it we seem to have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility and for the most part, independence.

I hate fitting a stereotype, but I’ll overlook it when it means I’m definitely the clever one!


15 responses to ““when I hit a rut, she says to try the other parent”

  1. No Spamalot review yet? Shame on you!

  2. I haven’t finished Drowsy yet either – they’re in my drafts!”

  3. I don’t mean to boast, but it’s not true in our house.

  4. And what do you mean,

    Life on Mars, grudgingly ?

    You’re rubbish!

  5. As am I at HTML, it seems! Hooray!

  6. And hooray for spamming Lola’s comments.


  7. Miss Lola, will you fix the HTML on my blockquote post – the untidiness is actually upsetting me.

    Who was talking about OCD at the weekend! Man!

  8. Gimme a minute, you! I was on my lunch. Now behave with the spam or I’ll have to make sandwiches, innit?

    I’m sure you’re the exception that proves the rule in your family, (though I forget where you fall in the sprogging order anyway!)

    I really didn’t want to like Life on Mars because of all the hype, but John Simm got me with the big emotional stuff about football violence.


    I’m the youngest, innit!

    John Simm is just an adorable wee man. I love him, and he’s playing a blinder as The Master! (You do know what that is, don’t you? ;))

  10. And, now that you mention it, THERE, too!

  11. I’ll leave you alone now.

  12. Have you been eating coffee beans again, dear? I’m not really liking the whole Master thing in Dr Who, but what do I know? He’s more fun being evil than a goody goody though, I’ll give you that.

    I see your THERE and raise you a :p

  13. Put your tongue back in your mouth, you frickin’ harlot!

    I love The Master – he’s my favourite new person!

    (And you know me – anything to avoid what I should be doing!)

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