“will anyone who’s free from shame e’er be the candidate?”

Finally, a UK political campaign that I can actually get interested in, I may even join in some form of active campaigning should I ever find the time.

I’m a little mixed in my views on Ken, his pseudo-commie crap annoys me in terms of ties with Chavez; and his punish-the-wealthy rhetoric irks me no end.  That said, he has a pretty good record when it comes to p!mping London internationally, and important things like promoting diversity.  Professionally, his over-promotion of the buses is irritating because people think they can travel the length and breadth of London on one bus.

Boris amuses me, but more than that I agree with a large number of his policies and ideas, particularly his views on higher education.  His bumbling persona usually hides a pretty sharp mind at work, and there’s an affability about him that appeals to me at base voter level. 

So, should the hustings go well, bring it on!


2 responses to ““will anyone who’s free from shame e’er be the candidate?”

  1. once upon a time you *could* travel the length and breadth of london on one bus, but they changed the routes so they are shorter but more of them, if that makes sense?

    bojo for london…hmm…he could get a shampoo company to sponsor him 🙂

  2. I’m really torn on this. My usual party candidate will probably have no chance of winning. Boris is superficially attractive (and the only candiadte with a scruffier hair than me) but for all his happy shiny Cameron exterior still has a solidly Thatcherite core. Ken’s ok but I don’t agree with him on building more bigger and better skyscrapers and I want the pigeons back in Trafalgar Square. What to do?

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