“screw myself with that inscrutable pout”

I’m having a strange ‘bored of the internet’ phase, whereby I know there are new and interesting things to read out there, but I stick to my usual routine of newspapers, LJ and friends’ blogs despite the stretches of sheer inactivity at work.  So consider this an open forum to recommend vaguely work-safe sites and blogs where I can while away the seemingly endless eight hour shifts I’m stuck here for.

Part of my blogging laziness is rooted in this lack of fresh stimulation.  I’m absorbing news passively, not having much to shout about at the moment.  For example, my only reaction to the new Foot and Mouth outbreak is simply one of resigned “how did this happen again?” and sadness at all those poor animals being slaughtered en masse (although since they’re on a farm, that’s probably going to happen eventually anyway).  A dramatic recution in tourism might be bad for the economy, but would reduce my daily workload.  In saying that, tourists are actually much easier to direct than London residents when it comes to travel advice, so maybe I don’t care at all.

Nor can I get worked up about Obama’s naivete, because invading allies seems even more ridiculous than invading Iraq and this from Mr Supposedly Antiwar?  I guess if you’re going to nuke everything you see it’s a bit too one-sided to be a war.  Oh, I know that’s an utterly hyperbolic interpretation, but what he said was pretty dumb and I’m thoroughly glad that Hillary is picking up on it.

This notion of him being the great new hope is still irritating me, but that’s because I find Democrats to be pretty stupid when it comes to electable politicians.  Bill Clinton didn’t win by being the uber-liberal, he won by moving to the centre (and um, the Ross Perot thing, plus Bush sr. being a numpty).  Hillary is doing the same thing, and although she would obviously be my choice, it’s the smart thing to do in a country so sharply and rantingly divided as America.  It’s just in countries like Britain that your political manifesto doesn’t really matter.

Still, at least the Premiership is back this weekend.  I’m utterly confused about this Sky/Setanta thing about what matches are where, and is the BBC pretty much out of the equation?  Will there still be Match of the Day?  Oh my wee head.


One response to ““screw myself with that inscrutable pout”

  1. My I LOVE THE INTERNET and I HATE THE INTERNET phases alternate daily. I tend to ignore them now. And I, too, stick to the same pages. I guess because I seldom find anything that really grabs me from clicking around.

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