“she gave you all she had, she wasn’t in your contract”

I honestly can’t imagine what it must be like to really suffer with anxiety before a job interview.  Even with the stakes as high as they were for me today, my only concern was making a good impression, but I was far from worried about it.  Today’s myriad role plays and psychological grilling, not to mention a good half hour of talking in HR buzz phrases was pretty draining, but to feel nervous on top of that?  How on earth do normal people get anything done?

So when I treated myself to Pimms at 11:30am, it really was quite well-deserved.  I felt like a bit of a lush, to be fair, but it was a lovely way to kill an hour with a good book.  Or at least, a semi-decent book that indulges my high school nostalgia (yes, this little blogger is one of those freaks who actively enjoyed high school).

Liverpool are winning, the cats are vying for space on my lap, and there’s nothing I need to do between now and lunchtime tomorrow.  The tedium of the new academic year’s paperwork can wait until work (why not take advantage of the boredom?) and I’m feeling oddly content.  I must have been running on silent adrenaline, as I crashed right after my alcohol breakfast, but now that I’ve eaten and traded a stifling suit for pyjamas the contentment is undeniable.  I may get this perfect job, I may not.  In the meantime there are far worse ways to live than this.


2 responses to ““she gave you all she had, she wasn’t in your contract”

  1. You’re hilarious! I’ve never in my life had Pimms at 11.30. I think!

    Fingers cross, huh!

  2. I aim to lead by very bad example!!

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