“things we could care less about day”

Enough, just enough of this weird and morbid pantomime already.  I am thoroughly ashamed that so many sadsacks in this country really feel that their individual life has changed in some way because some bulimic posh bird who frequently got a hard time from the tabloid rags she liked to manipulate, pegged it ten years ago. 

No death should go unmourned, and yes there’s a shock in realising that the seemingly untouchable are in fact mortal, but this is just embarrassing.  It was ridiculous at the time, and we should all be over it by now.  We should have been over it as soon as the service was over, were we big enough saps to feel grief for a perfect stranger in the first place.

This is not a state occasion, the woman apparently took great delight in flipping the Royals the bird when it suited her, and the way she was going she was just another ‘it’ girl, albeit the most famous of them all.  She brought it on herself, nobody forced her to marry into the circus that she did.

Why not focus instead on genuine and avoidable tragedies, the senseless death and destruction in Darfur, Iraq, or Afghanistan might be good places to start if you’re stuck for inspiration.  Perhaps the ‘great’ British public might be more amenable to some sobbing and garment-rending if the victims of those conflicts had well-meaning tat peddlers to churn out some memorial mugs and tea towels, eh?


One response to ““things we could care less about day”

  1. And all the stuff about London grinding to a halt that day is bollocks. I was there that weekend, and we completely forgot. We even went to Harrods (shutUP, I was a kid and we were tourists) and there were no crowds of weeping people.

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