“but be careful getting coffee, I think these people want to shoot us”

For the attention of campaigners about all things gay, this is bona fide discrimination.  This is the sort of horror that we, as a ‘community’ should be outraged by and acting to help with.  Those poor, brave people forced to live in fear for their lives because of something we in the UK can largely take for granted. 

Instead of getting pissy about civil partnerships not being saddled with the patrimonial-religious label of ‘marriage’, or diverting time and energy into getting teenagers not to use ‘poof’ as an insult, this is the sort of terrible reality that we should all be up in arms about.  Predictably, the religious idiots leaders are hiding in archaic nonsense rather than easing the suffering of their fellow human beings.  Between this and the Norn Ireland-Amnesty bollocks, I despair of organised religion all over again.  To prevent aid because you want to dictate the terms is disgusting, and followers of these religions ought to be ashamed.

Anyway, SMUG are facing the most terrible situation in Uganda, and I for one will be contacting Stonewall et al to see if there’s even a small thing I can do.


3 responses to ““but be careful getting coffee, I think these people want to shoot us”

  1. Well said on both counts.

    Obviously I’m more concerned about the second matter. It’s completely unsurprising though – the Catholic Church will continue to be that oppressive until it get a less conservative pope. Well, that for a start; its members need to be more vocal about what they believe and want, also.

  2. I’m surprised once more how much power the catholic church still has in this supposedly god-forsaken world. and I won’t start on their double standards, I got my own blog to do that. I acutally just wanted to say thank you for the posting, because the other night gf and I were ranting about the medival state our nation is in because of the church intervening through the back door (I’m talking of Austira here…) but now that I’ve read that article on Uganda I take it all back, sort of. Austria is still medival, but Uganda – omg – how can these “leaders” be so backward? Welcome to 2007!

  3. Finn, I can’t believe it myself – probably the main reason I turned my back on religion is all the suffering they cause or tolerate in pursuit of some ‘belief’. I seem to remember stuff about “love thy neighbour” and not judging, but that seems to be selectively forgotten by religious leaders.

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