“I may be mad, I may be blind, I may be viciously unkind”

Since Finn was nice enough to tag me, I thought it about time that I finally did that 10 Weird Facts About Me meme, since it affords a quick and easy peek into the dark mess that is my psyche.

So, without further ado:

  1. I can’t abide anyone putting something made of wool in their mouth.  From pulling gloves off with lips to the cats chewing on a scarf, the saliva + wool combination actually makes me shiver.  I honestly think I could kill a person just to get them to stop
  2. The buttons/ties/poppers on the duvet cover must, must, must always be at the bottom of the bed.  I believe I’ve actually been able to sense when the duvet has moved while I sleep and woken up in a panic to rectify it.  Not to mention tipping people out of bed to sort out the duvet before I’ll join them.
  3.  I have a million different football superstitions, my latest is that I can only watch Liverpool on the living room television because if I watch in the bedroom or go to the pub, they lose or draw.  The living room seems to guarantee a win, so I’m not messing with it.
  4. My happiest time is the middle of the night, dancing around in my jammies with headphones on.
  5. I secretly want to be 90s TV character Murphy Brown, even though I have zero journalistic skills.
  6. When I get on the tube, I’ll only sit on the opposite side to the door I got on at.  I’ll stand otherwise (unless my legs are actually falling off)
  7. I am unmoved by all documentaries and charity appeals, unless they are for animals in need in which case I dissolve into a hysterical wreck and need trauma counselling.  I seriously can’t control this!
  8. I have about five different accents, depending who I’m talking to.
  9. I really, really hate South African accents.  I’ve tried to get past it, I have nothing against the country or its people, but despite meeting many lovely South Africans the accent remains like a tinfoil on a filling to me
  10. I sleep better for having sung before I sleep.  I mean full-blown musical scores sung out of tune singing, until my voice gives out or K puts a pillow over my face.   You see why working nights is such a wonderful career move?

One response to ““I may be mad, I may be blind, I may be viciously unkind”

  1. I agree entitrely on point #2, and having witnessed plenty of ridiculous football superstitions concerning Football Manager in this household can empathise with #3!

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