“Could Jesus run for office and provide a perfect slate?”

So John Edwards has finally admitted defeat.  I’m not sure what irritated me most: his Ken doll $400 haircut, the blatant hypocrisy of a trial lawyer being “I’m Mr Poverty”, his ganging up on Hillary, or cashing in on his family tragedies at every opportunity.  Grown-up, my ass.

This primary election cycle is shredding my every last nerve, and I’m not even voting!  It matters a great deal even to the rest of the world, and when you compare it to the limp noodle that is the UK political scene, how can you blame me?

Obama is going to rue the easy ride that the MSM are giving him.  When he trashes opponents he’s “raising valid points”, but when anyone criticises him directly it’s racism or destroying hope.  Nonsense, he needs to be battle-tested before any Republicans get their hands on him.  Do people honestly think that swift-boating and the nastiness of the nineties will evaporate if you just avoid the Clintons?  Hell no, the same Democrat haters are out there, and a newbie just gives them unlimited ammunition.  He won’t get much mileage out of being the nice guy after March (and to be fair, I don’t think he could possibly be as saintly as made out to be, he is after all a professional politician).

As for the Kennedy clan endorsement, well, colour me not that impressed.  Ted is by far the weakest of the three political brothers, and while he’s more than paid his dues in the Senate all these years, most people outside the Democratic faithful view him as far too liberal and the woman dying in a river story doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.  I know about the political machine that he brings to the table, but that’s not much threat to a machine like the one at Hillary’s disposal.  Also, this is me finally publishing a pre-Super Tuesday draft, so suck it Teddy Kennedy, even your own state doesn’t listen to you. 

I really am anxious about the outcome of this nomination, and there’s no point denying that I am, and have always been, a Hillary fan.   Louisiana has already been conceded and realistically Obama could be in front for the first time in the delegate race.  It’s either going to be the start of unstoppable momentum that means Hillz losing ground in Ohio and Texas, or it may mean that the tougher questions are finally asked of him as a frontrunner.  He’s said nothing that I inherently disagree with (though I think he’s wrong on healthcare, Americans need a mandate or sweet FA gets done), but then he hasn’t really said enough for me to take issue with.  I can see why it’s all so captivating but surely Americans, Britons and everywhere else have realised that entrenched systems are rarely swept away by the force of one good slogan?  It’s all very well to bash lobbyists and the slow Washington system, pork barrel politics and all those very fashionable ideas, but eventually the person who is elected has to…. go to Washington and work with the existing system.  Who’s got a grade A in working in and successfully manipulating that system?  Step forward Mrs Clinton (I miss the Rodham, Hillz, I really do. And yes, I know you could say much the same of McCain.)

If we learned anything from the first Clinton administration, it’s that all the puppydog enthusiasm of a new wave cresting in the White House, vanquishing a disliked predecessor, it can’t actually do as much as you think.  Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?  Healthcare?  All policy victims of thinking you can do it a new way, that you don’t need to have the Senate or Congress on your side.  If ever a country wasn’t ready for a liberalism revolution, it’s the US.  God, they think the likely Republican nominee is too liberal.  This situation calls for a strong will, a handle on minutiae and baby steps.  Incrementalism is sneered at, but it’s pretty much how every big change without bloodshed actually comes about.


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