“Like they have any right at all to criticise “

George Monbiot has produced an excellent, bordering on definitive article on the mess of religion interfering with access to abortion.  Since I’ve been old enough to know what contraception, sex and abortion actually were (and not from any form of s£x education at school of course) I’ve been firmly and completely of the opinion that the Churches cannot have it both ways.  If you want to lower or eradicate abortion, allow the contraception which will stop it even being an issue.

The needless cruelty inflicted by religious charities in developing nations, namely denying access to family planning resources appalls me beyond words.  They’re not dying from a lack of Bibles, you insufferable preaching numpties, they’re dying because they can’t stop having kids they can’t feed, or realistically prevent the spreading of STDs.  You should be dispensing condoms before communion wafers and anything other than that is far from humane.


2 responses to ““Like they have any right at all to criticise “

  1. I am tempted to print that out and post it to my mother anonymously.

  2. i’d print it out and hand it to her 😉

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