“Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs”

Bloody hell, Patrick Swayze has cancer.  I’m not going to get into that mawkish bullshit, if he can get through this fantastic, and if not then grief is for those who knew the man personally. 

The part that depresses me personally is yet another sign of how freakin’ old I’m getting.  Idols are supposed to face mortality only from drugs or other forms of glorious hedonism.  The guy from Dirty Dancing, also responsible for one of the finest drag queen portrayals ever, getting sick?  That’s depressing.  If your idols are getting old, you’re getting old.  I used to have posters of Patrick Swayze and Rob Lowe inside my wardrobe door for God’s sake!  Now I love Rob Lowe’s perma-tanned self for slightly more artistic reasons, but it’s like watching entire eras slip away from me.  Surely it’s bad enough I’ve started tutting at teenagers and all too often saying things that my mother used to say to me (albeit to the cats, but still..).

All the very best Patrick Swayze, I’m sure the interwebs will be brimming with support for you, and this child of the eighties just wanted to add her tuppence worth.


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