“I’m no superman”

Interesting points about the superdelegates, and the whole point of them in the first place.  It’s that time-honoured American tradition of checks and balances, the ‘saucer that cools the coffee’ as it were.  If they simply confirm the existing pledged delegates’ frontrunner, then they’re a token gesture and ultimately pointless.  Instead, they’re intended as a counterpoint of calmer heads, frequently ones already successfully elected as Democrats, a balance against the kneejerk choice of the Democratic base.  After all, the candidate won’t win nationally if they’re too much of a lefty, that middle ground is the key – and being labelled as super-liberal never helps the Democratic nominee.  The person that the hardcore Dems choose, in other words, may not actually be the best electoral choice. 

So Hillary is still in with a chance, and deserves to be.  That is all.



One response to ““I’m no superman”

  1. I’m not following any of this at all. Shame on me!

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