Make Jock Strapped

Make Jock Strapped

Originally uploaded by Lola how_i_lie

Oh, delightful. Apologies for the picture quality, but West Brompton at night doesn’t invite the flashing around of easily stolen gadgetry, and so I hedged my bets with the more discreet option of my phone camera.

This mayoral election will be the first one I cast a vote in, the first time I’ve found a candidate I agree with who is worthy of my vote. Unfortunately, it has bubbling side effects all over the place, like these twats (English Democrats) and the possibility of the BNP sneaking in on one of the two Assembly votes. I’m going to need a refresher on this whole process before I actually tick any boxes.

Anyway, I may be a woman of fluctating accent, but my Scotland rugby tops have been defiantly displayed as I walk past this sign every day.


2 responses to “Make Jock Strapped

  1. Ahm gonnae pure slash them, dobbers.

  2. I love how nationalists on both sides use the same argument.

    Would make it interesting if they were to arge with each other.

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