“my city’s still breathing, but barely it’s true”

Jaysus, Mary and the other bloke, there are some childish eejits on CiF. Wait, that’s a bit like saying “I need air to breathe” or “grass is green”, isn’t it? I think every petulant moron whose response to likely defeat for Ken is to threaten to leave the city ought to have their voting rights curtailed, because they clearly lack some form of capacity. If Boris wins (I’ll have voted for a winner! Right first time!) do you honestly think he’ll be allowed to run amok? No, he’ll be tightly controlled by Cameronian forces as he has been throughout the campaign. This is intended as a springboard for the Tories, not to mention that Boris is hardly the shambolic buffoon Guardian readers seem to think he is. Chuh!

I’m also seriously disappointed in some of my pro-Ken friends who can’t accept a majority decision and are instead mocking everyone who put an ‘x’ next to Johnson’s name.  Whatever I may think about Ken, I respect your decision to vote for him, and expect you to respect why I did not.


2 responses to ““my city’s still breathing, but barely it’s true”

  1. I accept your decision to vote for him. I just think he’s a bigoted twat.

    ….well, you’re always saying I don’t comment on your blog enough 😉

    In the spirit of bipartisanship, fancy a cuppa?

  2. I think they’re both better off far far away from anywhere i call home.

    wait…they are! result!

    Ken is someone i’ve always had a lot of time for politically, but never had to worry about wether or not i’d VOTE for him. I do find it ironic that the labour party has become a mill around his neck, when he was elected in the first place as an independent who had told labour to stuff off.

    I do have the ‘never vote blue’ gene, but i can’t stomach the current state of labour either.

    Can’t vote for anyone with ‘national’ or ‘nationalist’ i their name, because i’ve actually paid attention to history….

    ….and then when i go and vote green, they then form a coalition with one of the above….

    I vote for George Carlin.

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