“The Atlantic was born today, and I’ll tell you how”


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This weather is so blimmin’ gorgeous I want to move into the garden with a constant supply of old-fashioned lemonade. Instead I’m about to nap in preparation for work, and have been a lazy, grumpy so-and-so all day when I should have been making the most of having my bezzer here!

Last night my bezzer took me to see the fan-fucking-tastic Death Cab for Cutie (sorry, am I giving away my impressions too early in the review?) Many thanks to a certain Eejut who wins prizes for buying his girlfriend top-notch birthday presents. In fact, it was such a thoroughly awesome experience that I’ve just booked tickets to see them in Brixton in July. Standing again!

The standing was hard going though. Mostly because I’m putting a lot of weight on two relatively small surfaces. I tried repeating the successful five hours of standing on St Patrick’s Day formula of comfy Docs plus booze, but it doesn’t seem to work without the essential cold and rain to make your poor plates-of-meat completely numb.

There is really nothing that compares to being up close and personal with a bunch of dudes intent on playing their little hearts out. “The Sound of Settling” brought the house down, and there were rapturous receptions for everything including the new tracks, so it seems I’m not the only naughty individual who got her mitts on a pre-release copy. There’s something deeply amazing about a room full of people screaming “I need you so much closer” at the end of a hot and sweaty night. At one point, during the obligatory “no we’re going, no encores here, nup” routine the noise and “We Want Death Cab” hysteria made my eardrums feel like they were literally imploding. But in the good way!

We stumbled home on surprisingly efficient buses and I collapsed in front of House with only fluffy kitteh cuddles for company. Bloody excellent.

EDIT: I left something out.  They dedicated MY song (well, OUR song) to Barack Obama.  “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” is supremely awesome, and it did mar the experience for a moment or two.  I would follow Hillary into the dark, personally, but even I think it may well be time for her to concede.  He should offer her VP to make an excellent ticket, and that combo wouldn’t work the other way round.  He’s too good for VP, it would waste too many of his strengths.  I think Hillary should be President, but she’s enough of an all-rounder and details person that she could really make something of the Vice-Presidency.


3 responses to ““The Atlantic was born today, and I’ll tell you how”

  1. …did you get two tickets? *hopeful*

  2. I’m not exactly a cuties fan, so I won’t say anything about them. I just wanted to say that I went to a concert on Monday and it was all so perfect that I really wanted to get myself some more ticktes for the tour, but then I thought about my money situation and didn’t. (and then rather hit the merch stand instead 🙂

  3. Yes missus, you can come too.

    And Finn, had there been a decent merch stand on Tuesday I might not have been able to get these other tickets!

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