New London

I wasn’t going to say any more about the Mayoral election result, but this is a bloody good post summing up the arrogance of the Labourite argument.


4 responses to “New London

  1. Hello! Just a question: how do you feel about Boris’s opinions to gay marriage? I’m not trying to start a row, just curious to know.


  2. I took his gay marriage comments as he explained them – a misjudged glib aside. He’s apologised in the gay press during this campaign, and politically my sexuality matters very little to me. I mean, Labour gave us civil partnerships and there’s a ton of discrimination law which would be massively hard to overturn. I’m pretty much having my cake and eating it, and now looking forward to politicians that deal with everything else I’m concerned about 😉

  3. The press have been crap at this haven’t they, I’m clearly not a Boris fan but in the end he ran the better campaign and that’s what should have been discussed, not calling voters stupid. Analysis could also have been done on why national politics was used so much to vote for a mayor, but anyway.

    I don’t think that was the best link to use when by the end commentators are going on about ‘ragheads’, this is one of the reasons why I could never vote Torie. Sxx

  4. Ah, to be fair I hadn’t scrolled down the comments as it seemed like a bunch of sniping from an established group of readers – those comments are definitely out of order. There are plenty of rational Tories who would never think of or use those terms – I think that’s what the BNP are for these days!

    I agree with your point about the national focus though. I certainly didn’t consider Gordon Brown or the Labour party when considering whether to vote for Ken.

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