“It’s the final countdown!”

F*ckin’ yass man!!  The Mighty ‘Well make another (probably ill-fated) assault on Europe.  Come hell or highwater, I sooooo desperately want to go to the away leg.  Unless it’s in the Faroe Islands or something, I’m not completely cracked. 

For a club that’s had the problems we’ve had these past few years, staying afloat has been a bloody miracle.  It’s full credit to Mark McGhee for pulling this off, and at the risk of schmaltz it’s a damn fine tribute to the much-missed Phil O’Donnell.  It’s just a shame our new strip is baw-bag ugly, since I’ll probably have to shell out for one (my four old ones are a tad, ahem, cosy).  I’m just glad that out town name is our team name, that way best to avoid “They’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight” such nonsense from commentators who barely know of our existence!  I wonder what the Spanish/German/Lithuanian for “get it right up yeez” is?  Answers on a postcard please.



One response to ““It’s the final countdown!”

  1. I forgot to say, well done the ‘Well. You were helped by some interesting refereeing decisions on Saturday but overall you have been the better side this season, so go have have and party round Europe (although as a Torie are you not apposed to Europe? ;o) Sxx

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