“you got soul on the dole”

I must have a touch of the grumpy old woman in me because this boot camp for the young and unemployed sounds bloody marvellous. Off the bat I should highlight the second to last paragraph where it points out that those genuinely unable to work will not be affected, i.e. those with a recognised disability, and this way there will be more money and less overstretched services to available to them. It has frustrated me since childhood that there were entire families better off than us because they knew how to ‘fiddle the system’ and we struggled when my dad was out working 45 hours a week.

I would be interested to see if this does have an impact on crime and anti-social behaviour. I was shocked to discover, albeit through anecdotal evidence, that even somewhere as extortionate as London there are entire housing schemes (somewhere between council homes and housing associations) that are cheap enough for people to live on the Jobseekers/Housing Benefit/Council Tax Benefit combo. I’ve been out of work, but I’ve always survived off my own money, I would only claim benefits if I found myself genuinely unable to work. I think all these people getting signed off with spurious medical claims are a slap in the face to the many unlucky people who would happily go out and get a job if only they were able to.

It may be hard to enforce, I’d need to see a more detailed plan to be confident in it, but anything that involves giving some of these malevolent little sods a kick up the backside is long overdue. Were it not for Iraq and Afghanistan, I’d be advocating the return of National Service instead. It’s one thing to take kids in for training, but we can’t go back to conscription with ill-advised foreign wars still raging.


3 responses to ““you got soul on the dole”

  1. I’d rather take money off my parents than claim benefits.

  2. You know, i’d have little actual problem with a system that punishes those who have no intention of working.

    Trouble for me, is that the whole ‘wold not affect those genuinley unable to work’ is a smokescreen for the sort of system that will only work in ‘an ideal world’.

    Theres no real way to differentiate, and one thing the system has proved to me my whole life is that it can’t be trusted to make the distinction.

    Not only are there those who are injured and cannot work, there are those who are over 40 and cannot find employment -even though theres nothing wrong with them- because the system won’t work for them. There are those under age who are trying to find jobs, but the system won’t work for them -i’ve been there. Both are age descrimination, which the article alludes in itself by saying that people over 40 won’t be affected….so thats furthering descrimination….

    If we lived in an ideal world, it would be a great system to put in. But we don’t. Cheats will always find a way to cheat, and honest people will always find a way to get cheated.

    This wouldn’t fix that problem, and it would hurt a lot of people.

  3. us says : I absolutely agree with this !

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