“show me just a little of your omnipresent brain”

So, this blog pretty much died on its arse, huh?

I haven’t got any spectacular excuses for it, just a drifting and diverting of attention to other things.  Mostly good: I’m reading a lot more, spending more quality time with people I like.  I haven’t had quite so much to say because I’ve been chattering like a madwoman on a daily basis, rarely keeping my own counsel.

Still, like the button below might indicate, I’ve found the push that I needed to get back into this side of things.  I’m conscious as I get older that what I write online, be it in quick emails or a pointless ramble on LJ, is the only record I’m keeping of my day-to-day life.

So get used to me being around – I’ll be on here at least once a day for the next month!


3 responses to ““show me just a little of your omnipresent brain”

  1. Ah, well done you for doing Nano. I haven’t been updating my blog, either, but that’s for good reason too. I will again. You should too!

  2. I totally couldn’t commit to something like that at this moment in time, but I always have the “one post a day if I have something to say” guideline in my head anyway.

    Good to see you’re updating again though!

  3. @TH: I had to show some dedication sometime – and maybe now I can finish some of the million draft entries I have saved!

    @LYG: the kick up the arse I needed I think, I’ve got a list of stuff I just have to write up before I drive myself nuts!

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