“pour me up another”

Something that’s been bugging me:

Bad recycler, bad!

Bad recycler, bad!

Drinkaware’s new campaign.  First up, if you’re bothering to recycle, you’re a pretty functional alcoholic.  Also, do we really want to demonise people for recycling?  Isn’t it hard enough to get people to do the right thing here?  Even I have occasionally chucked paper in the regular bin because I can’t be arsed going out into the garden on a miserable day.


9 responses to ““pour me up another”

  1. Funny you mention this, as before seeing this campaign I had already commented with Michael about a house we walk past on the way to the station.

    Monday is recycling day and every single week they have about 9 or 10 bottles out… that is a heck of a lot.. more than one bottle a day…

    I know it’s none of my business and as you say they are at least recycling…

    but I guess this campaign just wants people to realise that one bottle a day is quite a lot of wine…

  2. but isn’t that the point…that you can be living a completely normal and functional and green life and not realise that you’re silently and surreptitiously destroying your liver. It’s meant to wake up the middle class closet alkies!

  3. Yeah, that chaps my considerable hide. I also hate the guilt/judging tone in some of the drinkaware campaigns. Way to put off helpseeking 😦

  4. OH LORD. I just watched the advert on the site.

    I am fucking gobsmacked. First, how am I meant to symphathise with some judgey curtain-twitchers?

    And then they go on to to mock the chap for falling over?

    EPIC FAIL, drinkaware. I’ve never bothered complaining about an advert before – and tbh I prob CBA – but this was just bloody awful.

  5. Carla, I know what you mean, but what does that house only have one or two occupants? What if it were shared by fix or six people of drinking age? It would look pretty different, no?

    Jo, can you really get to liver damage stage without noticing it’s too much? That’s a serious medical question, would there be like, physical warning signs before the big damage is done?

    And Bec, you’re my rockstar 😉 It’s the preachy tones of it that grind my gears. I barely drink these days, and it makes me want to neck a bottle of Jacob’s Creek just to be defiant. Whose business is it? Making it a big ol’ social stigma sure isn’t going to make people go running to the nearest source of help (as you rightly said!) Meh, drinkaware!

  6. …plus if they own that house, in the current climate, they’d be insane or ignorant not to be putting away some alcohol.

    (plus, i didnt think it was that many bottles, really.;)

  7. One final thing…this had me so angry that I actually did write to them via their website to complain about the advert. Not to Ofcom, but hey, they might respond and if they do, I’ll let you know what they say!

  8. Ooh, I’d be really interested to hear what they have to say for themselves!

  9. Jay – exactly – an extra case for £10000 their property value decreases!

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