“a change would do you good”

So, Obama did it.  I’m not providing a link, just click on anything that’s on the internet and you should stumble across it.  I like him a lot more recently, and I thought his acceptance speech was fantastic.  John McCain’s concession was befitting the man we knew before this messy election, before he was ground up in the cogs of the Republican machine.

I was wondering if his nomination had been a half-hearted gesture on the part of the Republicans.  He’s never been ‘their’ guy, incapable of motivating the base until the already-missed Caribou Barbie joined the ticket.  Is it possible that the strategists knew they had no chance of winning against the superstar Democratic choices, and after the disaster of Bush Jr?  So they let an old dude win through, with none of their own big hitters ready or eligible to run, so that if he lost it was no biggie?  Not like he’ll be able to run again in four years, and they haven’t had to change the party significantly (though it seems some shifting will be necessary if they’re to get back in power?)  I hope and pray that Sarah Palin does at least consider running in 2012 because 1) Tina Fey and 2) while the prospect of her with actual power terrifies me, I just find her hysterical and oddly compelling.

It’s over at last.  It was lovely coming home on the Tube, seeing so many wildly different faces poring over their free papers and smiling or nodding at the huge OBAMA WINS spreads.  The world definitely feels like a slightly better place today, even if it looks like California just screwed itself on gay marriage.


3 responses to ““a change would do you good”

  1. I had been asking that myself – whether the GOP put up the old fart with the hockey mom knowing they have no chance anyway, saving some other candidate for 2012. But then I thought that they had put up Bush for the elections back then and I didn’t think an idiot like him would stand a chance…

  2. Yeah, it’s more likely that he was just the best of a bad bunch! Still, it seems so rubbish it ought to have been deliberate!

  3. I wouldn’t be so quick to write McCain off as a throwaway candidate. After all he ran a really good campaign and defeated quite a few heavyweights to get the Republican nomination. Given that the expected Democrat opponent was going to be Hiliary then any Republican must have thought he’d have a chance so I can’t see any of them deliberately throwing their campaigns. Although she is a heavyweight and might have done well had she got the nomination she also had a lot of negatives and they would have fancied their chances.

    I think a number of things did for McCain. The big one was that Obama was a different type of candidate to the usual run of the mill Democrat. Running on selling a vision of change rather than more of the same he managed to win over and motivate a lot of undecided and first time voters. The Obama campaign was also run with ruthless efficiency and managed to get those people out on the day.

    Secondly McCain was hamstrung by the economic crisis for which his party got stuck with most of the blame. At the time of the nomination process that was totally unforseen.

    Finally the choice of Palin strikes me as having been a massive mistake. McCain’s appeal was to the more independant minded voters rather than the Republican base. A lot of them left once they realised what Palin was really like. Her appointment also undermined the arguments against Obama’s lack of experience.

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