“every two years you take up knitting…for a week”

Ladies, gentlemen and otherwise… I have returned.

Well, mostly I got a virtual prodding in the ribcage from my beloved bezzer and here I am jumping into the tepid waters of blogging again. I could give a multitude of very plausible reasons, but it’s been largely down to a combination of laziness and being too overwhelmed to think of much to say. I’ve started a new job, a promotion of sorts, but I’m reluctant to discuss it too publicly since it would be very easy to identify me, what with only a handful of people being in my current training programme. Suffice to say, it’s exhausting and I love it. Now I’m no longer spending the day wrestling with technical diagrams I feel a little better prepared to talk of more interesting things.

Anyway, a little meme to ease me back into the way of things: six random facts about me.

  1. I have drafted, in my head but never on paper, my acceptance speech for an Olivier, a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy (each with subtle differences).  Pretty forward-thinking for someone who can’t even complete a first draft these days.
  2. In about six weeks, I’ll have a licence to drive a train.  If I behave myself in driving lessons, I may also have a car licence by then too.
  3. My accent is the vocal equivalent of Play-doh.  My first job was working for a utility company, sending out engineers all over the East Coast of Scotland.  Everyone could tell which area I’d been working on any particular day, because I’d come home with an Edinburgh or Dundee accent.  When I went to uni, I developed an unfortunate Kelvinside inflection which my parents mocked me for relentlessly.  Now I’ve been in London for almost eight years, my default accent is a vaguely South-Eastern one, albeit with an occasional Australian(?) twinge.
  4. I speak pretty good Spanish, and would love to live in Spain or South America for a couple of years to get properly fluent.
  5. I honestly think that ketchup is one of the five major food groups, and I don’t care how common it is to put it on absolutely everything.
  6. I am currently singing along to Barry Manilow in my pyjamas after an invigorating walk around the park (don’t worry, I wasn’t in PJs when I did that…)

I’m also making another stab at 365days/Project 365…here.


3 responses to ““every two years you take up knitting…for a week”

  1. Bonjour Lism’s bezzer. What are memes for but aimless comments?

    No.1 hit home with me. Many baths have been lost with acceptance speeches and Jonathan Ross interviews. You’ve also ignited a fantastic idea to win the Turner Prize. I will write the acceptance speech – now with your name included – on finest canvas in gold paint at a cost equal to that of the prize money, and present it as a surefire winner. It will be called ‘I’m the winner and I fucking paid for it’.

    I digress.

  2. Bonjour to you too Joss! All aimless comments are particularly welcome. I haven’t prepped for Jonathan Ross interviews yet, but I would have been ready for Parky.

    I’m *still* gutted after all these years that Tracy Fucking Emin used the bedroom I’d been shouted at over for years to win the damn Turner Prize. I suppose getting my name on a winner would be consolation enough.

  3. Woop! Being able to drive a train is rather cool 🙂

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