Susan Boyle – Singer – Britains Got Talent 2009

I don’t do reality TV, and it’s not just snobbery, I genuinely don’t enjoy it.

Every year I get roped into watching the X-Factor final, occasionally I like the person who wins, but it’s also my chance to back and see the criminally bad from the first few episodes. I mean, come on, everything between the delusional and the final three is pointless, right?

So when I saw this linked on a musicals comm I use on LJ, I’ll be honest and say I only clicked because I’m in bed sick and have literally nothing else to do.

Watch the clip, stick with it past the cringeworthy intro stuff that these shows are built on.

This is a lesson in confounding expectations, and since I’m one of the most judgemental people ever, think how it affected me.

Also, well done Susan Boyle for namechecking Elaine Paige. That’s going to win me over every time.


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  1. I just wanted to say thanks so much for introducing me to that wonderful moment! I’m the same as you, never watched any of that kind of stuff, what a beautiful shock to the system, my eyes were actually welling up with pride for her. What a voice!!

  2. It totally got me, I must admit. An Easter antidote to my unbridled cynicism!

  3. i hate it all to. because, y’know, its not snobbery. this isnt the reality im interested in. in fact, its not reality at all. its jut the modern day version of variety TV. i dont have a ‘problem’ with it in that sense, its just that i preffer my reality to be based on something that feels more real in a different sense.

    thats all jibbering.

    the point is that, even when i was trying not to pay attention and focus on something else, that was a stunning moment. thats a moment that could vindicate all of modern reality tv in my eyes.

  4. It really did seem like some kind of watershed, the triumph of ‘reality’ amidst all the blandness and fake sincerity of these shows. I’m not one for the schmaltzy ‘it’s on the inside’ moments, but I did enjoy seeing shallowness take one in the neck. Class.

  5. although here we are two weeks or so later, and i’ve been reminded of everything i hate about this ‘reality’ tv and the media. Front oage of the newspaper every day for a fortnight. Arnet people dying somewhere?

    Going down a storm in the US after one song. A shoddy cheapo rcording going for hundreds on ebay. Is this what we are reduced to now? One generation got the moon landing, i got the berlin wall…now kids get…..susan boyle on britains got talent. ‘where were you when you watched it?’ ‘where were you when she first hit the states?’.

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