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“meat is murder”

Good news from PETA – seal-hunting season has come to a close, and while sadly some poor animals were still brutally slaughtered, 3/4 of the seals intended to be killed were actually spared.

That’s a fantastic improvement, but still not quite enough.  Thanks to the EU and the US banning seal products, the demand has fallen dramatically.  Sometimes the most effective way to effect change is by hitting these people where it hurts – in the pocket.

I really can’t bear animal cruelty, and it makes me annoyed at my own prevarication on committing to being a veggie.  I only buy free range meat products now, but it’s still not enough.  The fact that my little freezer is jam-packed with Quorn is a step in the right direction, but still not quite enough.

For health reasons, for my own moral reasons, I really think I have to do this once and for all.  Goodbye, meat.  The sweet hangover cure of a bacon sandwich isn’t worth this guilt.


Susan Boyle – Singer – Britains Got Talent 2009

I don’t do reality TV, and it’s not just snobbery, I genuinely don’t enjoy it.

Every year I get roped into watching the X-Factor final, occasionally I like the person who wins, but it’s also my chance to back and see the criminally bad from the first few episodes. I mean, come on, everything between the delusional and the final three is pointless, right?

So when I saw this linked on a musicals comm I use on LJ, I’ll be honest and say I only clicked because I’m in bed sick and have literally nothing else to do.

Watch the clip, stick with it past the cringeworthy intro stuff that these shows are built on.

This is a lesson in confounding expectations, and since I’m one of the most judgemental people ever, think how it affected me.

Also, well done Susan Boyle for namechecking Elaine Paige. That’s going to win me over every time.

“all of this could be yours if the price is right”


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Wow, what a weekend. Finally I’m learning how to make the most of my time off. It helped to have the lovely Scho for company, and we had a fantastic time.

After various landlord irritations, I was off to St Pancras with still-wet hair. For variety’s sake, or perhaps just on a whim, I treated myself to Starbucks and the overhead train into Kings X, something I usually resent since all my travel is free apart from that. I’m still impressed with the clean-and-pretty of St Pancras, though we didn’t linger long once I met up with my favourite Frenchwoman.

The lack of Vic line gave me the two days of freedom, but it made the journey slightly slower. Still, using inferior lines we made it to Borough for the most delicious Eggs Benedict and fruit juices, then onwards to Lambeth North for some SERIOUS EDUCATION AND CULTURE. We are that classy.

Honestly though, I was kind of blown away the Imperial War Museum . I’ve been saying for years that I wanted to see the Holocaust exhibition, the one part of history that never fails to compel, terrify and sadden me with every new piece of information. It was as vast and comprehensive as it was shocking. Incredibly sobering to realise what humanity is capable of. The real sucker punch came at the end, the video footage of survivors played against the giant text of Edmund Burke’s “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” quote. It’s impossible enough to wrap the brain cells around the cruelty, but even those who did escape of survive have lived decades with nightmares and guilt over those who perished. Heartbreaking, truly.

It’s another redeeming feather in the cap of British tourist attractions/public institutions though. The Secret War exhibit kind of kicks the ass of the International Spy Museum in DC. Similar principle obviously, but the very British tone of it all, the greater access to now released documents and artefacts, it all felt more real. Plus, it ended with a really wonderful display about the role of the SAS and civil liberties vs security. Bloody well done I say.

The evening was fuelled by Absolut and beetroot crisps. No honestly, that’s a thing. ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’ finally got an airing, my love of Gillian Anderson meaning I sat through another sub-par cinematic offering. At least it was mildly amusing, with bitchy commentary making the whole experience.

Sunday was silly indulgence day, a 3D screening of Monsters vs Aliens which had that predictable ‘haven’t we already done this?’ feel that all Dreamworks productions seemed to be tarred with, but I’ll overlook anything for Hugh Laurie and Amy Poehler.

Home via Nando’s and their cracktastic mango marinade for a further Amy fix in the form of Baby Mama. I reviewed this when I first watched it, but it stands up well on a second viewing.

I have, however, had about three hours sleep since Friday. Trying to keep up with young whippersnappers makes me feel every one of my 26 years and then some.

Checking In

You know it’s been a while when Firefox doesn’t remember your WordPress login anymore.

Perhaps that’s a timely reminder to start using this thing again, but I’m making no promises until I’m more sure I can keep them.  News from the land of Lola is that I’m now a fully licenced Tube Driver, though I’ve spent my time since passing out in pointless away days rather than actually driving.  Still, the job is secure and that’s the main thing.

Some theatre coming up in the next few weeks – Judi Dench in Madame de Sade (reviews unpromising) and Spring Awakening at the Novello, the fangirling over which has already set my teeth on edge.  Still, if it keeps original work coming into the theatre instead of constant tribute band shows, I’m all for it.

Anyway, it’s still alive, and if I put my mind to it I may write on here more than once a month. Maybe.

“every two years you take up knitting…for a week”

Ladies, gentlemen and otherwise… I have returned.

Well, mostly I got a virtual prodding in the ribcage from my beloved bezzer and here I am jumping into the tepid waters of blogging again. I could give a multitude of very plausible reasons, but it’s been largely down to a combination of laziness and being too overwhelmed to think of much to say. I’ve started a new job, a promotion of sorts, but I’m reluctant to discuss it too publicly since it would be very easy to identify me, what with only a handful of people being in my current training programme. Suffice to say, it’s exhausting and I love it. Now I’m no longer spending the day wrestling with technical diagrams I feel a little better prepared to talk of more interesting things.

Anyway, a little meme to ease me back into the way of things: six random facts about me.

  1. I have drafted, in my head but never on paper, my acceptance speech for an Olivier, a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy (each with subtle differences).  Pretty forward-thinking for someone who can’t even complete a first draft these days.
  2. In about six weeks, I’ll have a licence to drive a train.  If I behave myself in driving lessons, I may also have a car licence by then too.
  3. My accent is the vocal equivalent of Play-doh.  My first job was working for a utility company, sending out engineers all over the East Coast of Scotland.  Everyone could tell which area I’d been working on any particular day, because I’d come home with an Edinburgh or Dundee accent.  When I went to uni, I developed an unfortunate Kelvinside inflection which my parents mocked me for relentlessly.  Now I’ve been in London for almost eight years, my default accent is a vaguely South-Eastern one, albeit with an occasional Australian(?) twinge.
  4. I speak pretty good Spanish, and would love to live in Spain or South America for a couple of years to get properly fluent.
  5. I honestly think that ketchup is one of the five major food groups, and I don’t care how common it is to put it on absolutely everything.
  6. I am currently singing along to Barry Manilow in my pyjamas after an invigorating walk around the park (don’t worry, I wasn’t in PJs when I did that…)

I’m also making another stab at 365days/Project 365…here.

Olbermann: Gay marriage is a question of love

Daily blogging went out the window when I started having to go to bed at pathetic o’clock. Still, this Keith Olbermann piece is well worth a look.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“pour me up another”

Something that’s been bugging me:

Bad recycler, bad!

Bad recycler, bad!

Drinkaware’s new campaign.  First up, if you’re bothering to recycle, you’re a pretty functional alcoholic.  Also, do we really want to demonise people for recycling?  Isn’t it hard enough to get people to do the right thing here?  Even I have occasionally chucked paper in the regular bin because I can’t be arsed going out into the garden on a miserable day.